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Individual and Small Group
  • 1 to 5 people.
  • The photo session typically lasts about an hour, though this can be flexible, as needed.
  • All sessions are on location. If you do not have a specific location in mind, I can offer suggestions.
  • A minimum of 5-10 Digital Copies (1800px on the long edge) for online use and making small prints. Depending on the intent of the shoot, I’ve been known to deliver up to 20 images, though I try not to go beyond that. Too many choices can be as bad as having too few.
  • Minor retouching included.
  • $150
Large Group
  • Up to 30 people. Larger groups can definitely be accommodated (my largest, to date, was 84), but I’ll need more details before agreeing on a price.
  • Photo sessions average an hour, but vary greatly. Sometimes, all you need are a few photos of everyone as one big group. More often, there are subgroups within the group (smaller family offshoots on your ever growing family tree). Depending on your situation, we can adjust the time accordingly.
  • The number of Digital Copies (1800px on the long edge) varies, according to the group size and type. Frequently though: 1-3 photos of the entire group, 1-2 photos of each subgroup.
  • (Ask about retouching)
  • $300

Fall Foliage Sale!!

October 1st-24th

People have been anticipating Autumn's change of colors since back in June. Finally, it's here, but it doesn't last long. A Fall portrait makes those colors last a lot longer.

I will be in the Berkshires, northern NY, southern Vermont, and northern Connecticut over the next few weeks.